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Configuring your listing settings

The people who use WowLister come from many different backgrounds. Some users have extra stuff in their garage that they want to sell, others are looking to crosslist their items on multiple sites, and still others are trying to supplement their physical business with extra online sales. The thing everyone has in common though, is that they want to list things quickly and painlessly without having to do too much extra work.

To better accomplish our mission of providing the easiest and fastest way to list items on eBay, we've been polling our users on what they want to see next in WowLister. We've collected feedback from people across the country and had many enlightening conversations. So today, we're very please to launch our latest feature -- Listing Setting Profiles!

Listing Settings Profiles

Now you'll be able to change your listing settings so that all your future listings will have these settings. You can navigate to you listing settings profile by going to the top right of the WowLister app and finding your eBay username. Clicking on it will show a dropdown with a Settings link:

Settings dropdown link

If you click on the Settings link, you'll be sent to the Listing Settings Profile page, where you can change your settings for all future listings. You'll be able to configure your zip code, shipping price, and handling time:

The best part is that if you don't want to configure your settings for whatever reason, you don't have to! WowLister will take the last listing you configured advanced settings for and use those settings as defaults! This means you don't have to constantly tweak your zip code and shipping zip code every time you list an item anymore.

In the future, you'll have even more settings to configure as we continue to develop more features. If you have any ideas for us, please share them to We truly value your feedback and want to continue making WowLister a better product!

Happy Selling!

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