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Personalizing your listing descriptions

At WowLister, we strive to help you sell your products on eBay as quickly as possible. There are two steps to that process. First, we want to make it dead simple to list anything. We do this by taking out all the pain of taking product images, writing descriptions, and configuring settings. Second, once your items are listed, we want to make sure that your items sell quickly.

Today, we're announcing a feature that will help improve the latter. The Description Personalization feature allows you to customize your listing description with personalized information about you or your business. When someone goes and reads your listing description, you've already got an interested customer. They're looking to make sure that the product they're eyeing is actually something they want to purchase. That means you've got a couple of seconds to give them the information they need about the product you're selling and, more importantly, to gain their trust.

Gaining customer trust

Studies show that a simple picture of a human can evoke strong feelings of empathy and trust. When you're trying to sell a product, a single image can make a huge difference. It will lend social credence to an impersonal, bland listing.

If you had two identical listings, but one of the listings had an image of the seller and a little blurb about their life, which listing would your rather buy from? Making your listings more personal will help your customers feel like they "know" you, and make it much more likely that they'll trust you with a purchase.

How to personalize your description on WowLister

Now that you know how important it is to add some personalization to your listings, you must be wondering how you can add this to your WowLister listings. It's actually very simple!

First, navigate to the merchant settings page by clicking on your eBay profile in the top right of the main page:

Click on "Settings" link in the dropdown and you'll be brought to the settings page. On the listing settings page, you'll see the "Description personalization" section at the bottom.

You can add a photo and write a blurb about yourself or your business. Once you submit your settings, your personalization will be applied to all your future listings!

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