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Big changes coming to WowLister!

When we started WowLister last year, we envisioned making the best possible platform for creating eBay listings. We've now spent over 6 months testing and modifying our product to make what we believe is an unbelievable new way to list your items on eBay. In this time, we've kept WowLister free for everyone to use and have helped our customers list over 30,000 items. After extensive testing, we're delighted to say that we're finally moving out of beta and will become a full-service subscription product with a bunch of new features!

Bulk Listing

Many of our customers have lots of items that they want to list. Our simple lister was great for listing a single item quickly, but it was a hassle if you had ten or more items. Today, we're launching our Bulk Listing feature! This feature will allow you to create hundreds of listings at the same time! Instead of trying to list your items one-by-one, you can collate all of your items together and list them in a single go. Just go to the bulk listings tab to see your bulk listings and to create new ones.

Bulk Listing will be available to all paid subscription users and has the exact same listing mechanics as the simple lister. We'll use the settings that you've already set (see your settings page) when creating the bulk listings.

Editing Your Listing Template

Our customers love our simple, yet elegant listing template. However, some of our customers have wanted to be able to customize their listing template with extra information about their business. Today, we're adding the ability to update and change your listing template by editing the HTML document that we send to eBay.

The ability to edit your listing template will be available to all paid subscription users. Please note that this is only recommended for advanced users who have knowledge HTML and CSS.

Subscription Plans

We now offer subscription plans for users who want to get Bulk Listing, Listing Template Editing, and first-class support! We'll be offering three tiers of users: free, basic, and pro. Free users will get 10 free listings per month. If you'd list to list more than that, you'll have to upgrade your account to a subscription plan. Check out the billing page to get more information or to upgrade.

Of course, we couldn't have gotten to this point without our beta users. As a thank you for helping us build this product, anyone who has been using WowLister as a beta user will continue to get unlimited free listings on our simple lister forever.

Happy listing,


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