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Uploading Listings in Bulk

Do you have tons of products that you want to sell, but don't have the time to list them all on eBay? You can now start listing them quickly, easily, and efficiently! WowLister has a great solution for you.

We've taken all the great parts of WowLister and made them easy to use with large numbers of items! Everything that you had before with WowLister, like automatically filling in product details, images, and prices, is now available when you bulk list multiple products. You'll save tons of time and energy if you have a lot of items to sell. All you need is an account and a Basic or Pro subscription to WowLister.

Let's List Some Items!

To start listing in bulk, all you'll need is the URL of the items you're going to list (the unique product identifier from the retailer will also work). For example, let's say you're trying to sell different types of golf balls. You can find the link to each of these golf balls on Amazon and you should be good to go!

Now you can go to the WowLister dashboard and click on "Bulk Listings" at the top, then click "Create Bulk Listing" at the right hand side of the Bulk Listings view.

You'll get a form for creating your bulk listing. You can name and describe your bulk listing to make it easier identify when you're looking through your bulk listings later. You'll also be able to set the condition of the items in the bulk listing (this defaults to New).

Now comes the fun part! Once you've gotten all the basics out of the way, you can start entering your product data. Get all of your product URLs ready, or if you're pulling your products in from elsewhere, you can use the retailer's unique product identifier. You should fill the "Listing Data" text area with your product URLs, like so:

You can also use the retailer's product identifiers. WowLister will automatically figure out which retailer each product identifier belongs to. The previous set of URLs can also be entered as the following:

That's it! You can now click the "Create Listings" button, and you should have all of your products up on eBay in no time! If you think it's too good to be true, you should try it out and see the magic for yourself!

Advanced Features -- Changing Price and Quantity

Of course, you can also change the quantity and starting price of any of your items (instead of letting WowLister compute those for you). To do that, just add the starting price and quantity, separated by commas, on the same line as the product you'd like to change. To change just the quantity or just the price, leave a column blank. Here's an example showing changes in price, quantity, and both price and quantity:

Of course, you don't necessarily have to customize anything, since WowLister is really good at figuring out the right price to list your items at. But, if you still want full control of your listings for whatever reason, these extra options are ready for you to use!

Does the Bulk Listing product seem interesting to you? If so, you should try it out! Go to our billing page and purchase a Basic or Pro plan. If you're not completely satisfied with the product after two weeks, we'll give you your money back, guaranteed!

Happy Listing!

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