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The WowLister Story

Back in 2016, Doug Feigelson tried to get rid of some clutter he had laying around his house. He'd bought a brand new digital video recorder that he no longer wanted, and tried to list it on eBay.

Unfortunately, he found the process of putting something up on eBay very painful. He had to borrow a friend's nice camera, move the photos to dropbox, then upload the photos to eBay. He proceeded to spend half an hour typing out an intricate product description and fiddled with all the different eBay settings required for a listing. By the end of the process, he knew that he couldn't do this every time he wanted to sell something. That's how WowLister was born.

Fast forward to today, and WowLister's mission is simplify the pain involved in selling things online. WowLister is moving to become the premier solution for both experienced and aspiring online businesses.

WowLister is a division of Zinc Technologies, an e-commerce plumbing company.

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